Quality Control

Commitment to Excellence in Quality at PeptidesDirect

Our Pledge of Quality

At PeptidesDirect, we’re dedicated to delivering superior reference materials for life science research. As industry leaders, we’re committed to innovation, client-focused goals, scientific integrity, sustainable practices, and active public advocacy.

We uphold our mission of continuous advancement through our core principles: ‘Quality First’, valuing our ‘People’, and the ‘Pursuit of Excellence’.

Our Stringent Quality Control Process


Receiving and Sampling Protocol

Upon receiving new raw materials, we initiate a rigorous quarantine process. These materials are segregated and handled exclusively by trained staff for sample collection. Only after exhaustive testing and documentation are these materials approved for production or client distribution.

To guarantee consistency, we sample each container in a shipment. A composite sample, representing the entire batch, is then sent to an independent lab for thorough analysis.

Our tests vary based on the product’s unique chemical makeup. Product specifications, including test details and quality standards, are transparently available on our product pages.

Transparent Tracking System

We assign a unique LOT number to each batch of raw material and finished goods. This ensures traceability through every stage: quarantine, production, and post-purchase.

Accessing Lab Reports

Each product’s LOT number, found on the label, corresponds to a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from an independent lab. You can easily locate these COAs and detailed lab reports in the ‘Third Party Analysis’ section on our product pages.


Comprehensive Third Party Testing

We employ a variety of techniques to ensure the highest quality, including:

  • HPLC for purity and identification, separating compounds based on their interaction with a specialized column.
  • NMR Spectroscopy for detailed molecular structure and identification.
  • TLC, particularly for plant extracts, to separate and analyze compound mixtures.
  • ICP-MS for detecting minute levels of heavy metals.
  • A rigorous Microbiology Panel for pathogen testing.
  • GC-MS for identifying substances within a sample, crucial for verifying the absence of contaminants like pesticides.

For more complex products, we utilize additional methods like Thermogravimetric Analysis, UV-Vis Spectroscopy, FTIR Spectroscopy, and Titration.

In-House Verification

Our in-house testing complements third-party analysis, confirming product purity and quality through methods like Solubility Analysis, Melting Point Determination, Organoleptic Analysis, and Foreign Materials Inspection.


Final Quality Assurance

Before release, each material undergoes a final review, ensuring all tests meet our strict specifications. Only after passing these tests is a COA generated, allowing the material into production.


Our Quality Control Commitment

We are unwavering in our promise to support researchers by consistently supplying top-quality materials. This commitment is reflected in our sourcing, testing, customer service, and ongoing process improvement.


Quality Mission Statement

Our management continually strives to surpass client expectations, ensuring every company aspect aligns with our Quality Policy. This involves sourcing premium materials, conducting extensive testing, providing outstanding service, and maintaining transparency and integrity in all we do.

Choose PeptidesDirect for unparalleled quality and reliability in your research needs.

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