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Direct Rewards Program at PeptidesDirect


Welcome to an exciting way to shop with PeptidesDirect – our Direct Rewards Program! Now, every purchase you make on not only brings you quality products but also earns you points for future savings.

Understanding the Rewards System


For every dollar spent on our diverse range of products at, you gain 1 Direct Reward Point. These points can be conveniently used for discounts on future purchases.

Example Scenario


Consider this: If Alice buys products worth $300 in one transaction and $200 in another, she accumulates 500 Direct Reward Points. This point system works on a simple 1:1 ratio for dollars spent.

Next time Alice shops with us, she can utilize these 500 points to reduce her total bill.

This is how our loyal customers, like Alice, enjoy additional benefits and save on their purchases.

Another Success Story


Take Suzy, a regular customer, who has gathered 2000 points over her shopping journey with us.

When Suzy’s next shopping cart totals $100, she opts to use her accumulated points at checkout. Voila! Her purchase is on us, and she joyfully spends her savings on a new pair of shoes!

Ease of Use


Our Direct Rewards Program is designed for ease and convenience. It’s automatic, simple, and requires no extra steps from you.

Just continue shopping at and witness your points grow. You have the freedom to apply them anytime to your orders for added savings. Happy shopping!

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