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Q: How do I make payments at peptidesdirect?
We accept payments in a variety of ways. Customers can make payments at checkout through Bank Account / Card Payment / Mobile Wallets.
Q: Are there any hidden charges when I make a payment?
Shopping from Ronin.pk does not include any hidden charges or taxes. The total amount is clearly displayed on your screen before you purchase an item and is only charged after the order is confirmed. This amount also includes the shipping cost.
Q: Damaged and Defective product?
In case your ordered product arrives in a defective or damaged state, please contact us within 48 hours so that we can guide you how to return/replace the item. We will examine the product and run necessary diagnostic procedures before getting it replaced or refunding you the amount you paid for the purchase. The refund or replacement will only be processed upon verification of the complete product with packaging & accessories. The cost of any missing or damaged items (including the box) apart from those notified by you, will be debited from the advance payment done & the remaining payment will be refunded. Under no condition will a refund or replacement be provided for any defect-free product, on the basis of look & feel or minor differences in shades, colors or sound quality.
Q: Wrong Order?
In case the product we deliver does not match what you ordered in terms of description, color or type, please feel free to contact our team who will gladly replace it. (Reverse pickup service will be provided).
Q: Not Satisfied?
It must be noted that it is the customer who has to bear shipping charges associated with all products to be returned or replaced in case of disliking or non-satisfaction. If you have placed a replacement request, the time duration for delivery of the new item will be communicated to you after completion of all necessary formalities.
Q: What are the timings for order delivery?
Your order can be delivered at any time between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm from Monday to Saturday. Please make sure that you are available for receiving the order. In case you are not present, please ask one of your family members or friends to collect the item on the specified address.
Q: What is the shipping method?
Once your order is confirmed, your order goes in the dispatching process. We deliver products with our various courier partners.
Is my order information secured?
Is my order information secured?

Product Purity

Our products typically have a purity standard of ≥98%, as measured by HPLC, often reaching ≥99%. Certain products, such as Alpha GPC 50% or botanical extracts, are standardized to specific purity levels. We also conduct tests for specific toxic residuals, byproducts, and heavymetals as needed.

While both ≥99% and ≥95% pure products might appear similar, the key difference lies in the nature of their impurities. These impurities often consist of residual reagents, byproducts, or side products, and their exact composition can be uncertain. Sometimes, these impurities might even be toxic. It’s challenging to completely eliminate impurities, as identifying every synthesis byproduct and measuring minuscule impurities can be difficult. Nevertheless, efforts are made to reduce impurities as much as possible. This is why, in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, the standard chromatographic purity is set at ≥99%. We strive to offer products with ≥99% purity whenever feasible. If achieving this level of purity is not possible on a production scale, we opt for the next best available option (like ≥98%, ≥95%), and we ensure to disclose this information in our Certificates of Analysis (COAs). We also conduct tests for specific harmful residuals, byproducts, and heavy metals where necessary. An exception to this is our peptide products, where the only residual typically comprises amino acids that didn’t properly link to form the peptide.

When you buy a peptide advertised as 5mg at ≥98% purity but find it weighs 6.25mg, it an be confusing. This discrepancy highlights a common issue in the peptide industry, often due to misleading practices.

Let’s break down the components of what we call a Gross Peptide, which include the active peptide chain, off-target peptide fragments, water, and the counterion forming the salt. Bit first, let’s take a look at the peptide content diagram provided below:

Active Peptide Chain: This is the primary ingredient of interest. If you bought 5mg, you might expect the entire weight to be the active peptide. However, some vendors include water, salt, and impurities in this weight, leading to you receiving possibly only 30% to 80% of the expected active peptide mass.

Off-Target Peptide Fragments: These are amino acids and peptide chains that didn’t correctly form the desired active peptide. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate these fragments, we minimize them to less than 2%, adhering to the highest research standards.

Water (Moisture): Peptides naturally absorb moisture, making it challenging to fully remove. We maintain moisture content at or below 5% weight/weight, which aligns with top industry standards.

Counterion (Salt): The counterion is a crucial molecule that enhances the stability and solubility of the active peptide. It forms an ionic bond with the peptide, creating a salt molecule. Trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) is a common counterion due to its stability and cost effectiveness, but it has mild toxicity. Therefore, we often use Acetate or Hydrochloride instead. The amount of counterion depends on the ionic properties of the active peptide chain.

Understanding these components helps explain why the gross weight of your peptide might be more than the advertised active peptide content.

Understanding Peptide Quality and Purity

Peptide purity refers to the proportion of amino acids correctly sequenced in the peptide. A ≥98% pure peptide means that 98% of the amino acids form the intended chain, with the rest being off target peptide fragments. Therefore, peptide purity equates to the accuracy of the amino acid sequence in forming the peptide.

When considering that a significant part of the peptide’s weight can be water and counterion, it raises the question of how peptides can be claimed as ≥98% pure. In the peptide industry, the ‘purity level’ specifically pertains to the proportion of amino acids that successfully joined in the correct sequence to form the peptide. The remaining up to 2% consists of amino acids that, for various reasons, did not integrate into the correct sequence, known as off target peptide fragments. Therefore, the concept of peptide purity essentially equates to the percentage of amino acids correctly incorporated into
the intended peptide chain.

Purity reports exceeding 100% can occur due to the complexity of measuring mass purity. Instead, chromatographic purity, often determined by HPLC, is used as a proxy. This method provides a reliable approximation of mass purity. HPLC reports are averages from several runs, each with a margin of error. This variability explains why a ≥98% pure sample might sometimes report as over 100% pure.

Pricing Strategy

We achieve competitive pricing through bulk purchasing and extensive industry experience. By buying materials in large quantities, we benefit from economies of scale in manufacturing and quality control. This approach, combined with our commitment to best practices and efficient processes, allows us to offer competitive prices while allocating more resources to quality control .

Our pricing strategy is based on covering operational costs and adding a minimal profit margin, enabling us to reinvest in new product development. We adhere to sustainable business practices to focus on client satisfaction and to develop products that offer maximum value to our customers.

Third-Party Testing

We ensure the quality of every product batch using accredited independent third-party laboratories. The verification process varies for each product, necessitating collaboration with multiple specialty labs and experts in analytical and organic chemistry. Our analytical techniques include NMR, FTIR, HPLC, LC MS, GC-MS, and others. Further details about our quality control process are available on our Quality Control page.

The reliability of a Certificate of Analysis (COA) depends on the credibility of the issuer. COAs from unfamiliar companies lacking a history of ethical conduct are not trustworthy. In such cases, we rely on raw analytical data or third-party analysis from reputable labs. We also provide this data wherever possible, especially in wholesale trade scenarios where there is a risk of encountering counterfeit COAs.

Independent third-party testing ensures that our products meet their claimed specifications. These labs are not affiliated with us or the manufacturers, eliminating any potential conflicts of interest in the analysis results. We select only reputable labs known for their integrity and ethical practices. This ensures that the analytical methods used are validated and trustworthy

Yes, every product batch undergoes verification, and the results from independent third-party lab analyses are available for download on each product listing under the “Third Party Analysis” tab. We recommend always seeking independent testing evidence, especially when dealing with manufacturers or trading companies that may not offer reliable information.

We fully support the independent verification of our products. If you decide to conduct third-party laboratory esting, we will gladly replenish any products used in these tests at no cost. Just provide us with the test results and the original order number, and we will replace the tested products free of charge. Our confidence in the quality of our products is strong, and we believe that independent, blind testing conducted by our customers is a powerful demonstration of this confidence.

Accessing Analytical Data

We provide certain verifiable data like NMR and FTIR spectra. However, some data, considered proprietary by third-party labs, is not shared. Our certificates of analysis and lab reports come from reputable, independent laboratories compliant with relevant ISO standards. These reports are linked to unique lab IDs, enabling verification. While we can request additional data like HPLC chromatograms, such information is often incomplete without context, such as the specific analytical methods used.

Peptide Packaging

Our peptides are supplied in lyophilized powder form, packaged in glass crimp top vials with flip-off caps. They should be stored below 20°C for long-term preservation or at 4°C for up to two years. The peptides are stable enough to withstand room temperature exposure for up to six weeks, suitable for international shipping.

Our sourcing process involves identifying reputable suppliers, requesting and testing samples, and conducting a thorough evaluation of the materials. We send samples to accredited independent labs for analysis, using methods derived from scientific literature or developed by expert chemists. The production is approved only if the lab reports meet our specifications.

Our products are manufactured in an ISO:9001 compliant facility. While we cannot divulge specific details about our manufacturing processes, our quality control procedures are publicly detailed on our Quality Control page

Apart from standalone sterile pipettes, we do not guarantee the sterility of our products. However, we take precautions to minimize microbial contamination through air filtration and micropore filters in our liquid filling machines.

Yes, we offer both custom synthesis and wholesale options. Bulk pricing details are available by reaching out to our Support Team, and we can accommodate additional requests for unlisted products or price breaks.

Our liquid solution products are packaged with air-tight polycone caps to prevent evaporation. Each product’s manufacturing date can be determined from the batch-specific lab report, accessible on our website.


Our products are designed for use in academic laboratory research settings and are not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes in humans. We may require additional verification to confirm the intent of use before fulfilling orders, in line with our Terms and Conditions.

Our products are not medically approved for human consumption or for treating, preventing, diagnosing, or curing any disease. They are exclusively intended for qualified personnel in laboratory settings. We advise seeking legal counsel regarding the use of our products, but cannot provide legal advice.

While we make efforts to stay informed about local, national, and international restrictions, we are not a provider of legal advice. It is your responsibility to be aware of the legalities, and we advise consulting with a qualified legal expert for guidance. Nevertheless, we do monitor regulations specific to US States and prohibit the shipment of certain products to particular states for compliance purposes. If a product is restricted in your area, you will encounter an error message on the checkout page once you have input your address details. This method is the quickest way to determine if a product faces restrictions in your jurisdiction.

The legality of purchasing our products depends on their intended use. As they are not approved for human consumption, sales are limited to qualified individuals in laboratory settings. We recommend consulting legal experts for guidance on the potential use of our products 

Accurate measurement is essential, especially for products that can be hazardous. We recommend using a precise milligram scale for powder products. For liquid solutions, volumetric measurement tools such as graduated pipettes or beakers should be used.

In terms of potency and purity, there is no difference between a powder and a solution. However, powders are generally more stable than solutions, which are more prone to degradation when exposed to heat, light, oxygen, and moisture. We guarantee a shelf life of 2 years for propery stored solutions, but under optimal conditions, they can last
longer before degrading.

Powder products are favored due to their cost effectiveness and purity. However, they require more precision in measurement, necessitating careful handling.

Liquid solutions should be measured by volume, using tools such as graduated beakers or pipettes. Our liquid products are supplied with a graduated pipette for accurate measurement. Additional pipettes can be sourced from our Lab Supplies Catalog if needed.

Liquid solution products are preferred for their ease of measurement and convenience, as they do not require additional preparation before use.

Please review the following guide on how to prepare a chemical solution:https://www.sciencecompany.com/Preparing-Chemical-Solutions.aspx

Glossary: Basic Terms to Understand

  • Reagent: A substance used in chemical reactions, analysis, or research.
    Solute: A substance that dissolves in a solution.
  • Solvent: A substance that dissolves another to form a solution.
  • Solution: A uniform mixture of two or more pure substances.
  • Concentration: The ratio of solute to solution, such as 10mg per mL.
  • Suspension: A solution with visible particles, typically not transparent.

Introduction to Chemical Solutions

Chemical solutions involve dissolving a reagent in a liquid, facilitating easier and more precise measurement. The uniform concentration of the solution allows for accurate volumetric measurement.

Selecting an Adequate Solvent

Choosing the right solvent is crucial to prevent precipitation or lack of uniformity in the solution. We list solvents with high solubility under each product’s specifications. For more detailed solubility data, we recommend conducting your experiments with various solvents and concentrations.

Selecting Your Concentration

It is easier to handle solutions at lower concentrations, as saturating a solution can lead to solute precipitation. Changes in pH or temperature can also affect the solution’s stability

We do not supply scoops or scales for measuring powder. A milligram scale, which can be purchased for approximately $20 on Amazon, is recommended for accurate measurement.

The quantity of powder in a jar corresponds to the weight specified, typically in milligrams. A gram of powder, despite its small volume, contains a substantial quantity of material. We advise against purchasing powder products if you are inexperienced with milligram quantities.

Variations in a product’s appearance can be attributed to polymorphism, which affects a substance’s physical properties. Factors like temperature, pressure, and reactants during synthesis influence polymorphism. Any slight differences between product
batches are likely due to this phenomenon.

Liquid solutions require additional labor, materials, and quality control compared to powders. Verifying a solution’s concentration and uniformity involves thorough sampling and analysis, contributing to higher costs.

Our products typically have a shelf life of two years when stored correctly. However, shelf life can vary for novel compounds. Optimal storage conditions include a cool, dry place away from heat, moisture, and sunlight. Peptides should be refrigerated or frozen.

Choosing a Vendor for Reference Materials

When selecting a vendor for reference materials, consider a reputable source that provides independent third-party lab results and batch & lot tracking. Be cautious of vendors lacking proper testing documentation or those unable to provide specific analytical results upon request.

Handling and Safety Procedures

We can provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for each product upon request. However, it is generally expected that customers are trained in hazard risk and safety procedures. If you are not familiar with these protocols, we advise against purchasing our products and recommend adhering to OSHA guidelines for hazard safety.

Our liquid solution products are packaged with air-tight polycone caps to prevent evaporation. Each product’s manufacturing date can be determined from the batch-specific lab report, accessible on our website.

Regarding potency and purity, there is no significant difference between a powder and a solution form of a compound. The powder represents the compound in its purified state, while the solution consists of this powder dissolved in a solvent. We offer both forms to accommodate the preferences of our customers. In terms of stability, powders are typically more stable than solutions. This increased stability is attributed to factors like reduced surface area exposure in powders compared to solutions. Consequently, solutions may degrade more rapidly than powders when subjected to environmental factors such as heat, light, oxygen, and moisture. Although solutions are generally less stable over the long term, we take comprehensive measures to ensure the highest possible stability of our solutions, guaranteeing a shelf life of 2 years from the manufacturing date under proper storage conditions. However, under optimal conditions, solutions can maintain their integrity for even longer periods before degradation occurs.

Selecting a vendor for reference materials requires careful consideration. It is crucial to choose a vendor with a reputation for reliability and who can provide independent third-party lab test results along with comprehensive batch and lot tracking.

A reputable vendor should be able to verify both the purity and identity of each batch of raw material and confirm the concentration of every lot of finished goods. For instance, if a vendor sells a powder, they should offer test results confirming the identity and purity of each powde  batch. Similarly, for solutions with a specified concentration, say 10mg/mL, the vendor should provide both identity and purity test results, along with evidence confirming that the solution meets the stated concentration within an acceptable margin of error (±10%). This rigorous testing and documentation are vital to
ensure the quality and consistency of the products.

When selecting a vendor, be cautious of several red flags:
● Lack of batch and lot coding on products.
● Absence of test results to support product claims.
● Provision of only certificates of analysis without accompanying chromatograms
or spectrographs.
● Third-party labs without accessible contact information or minimal online
● Vendors with only a single lab report for long-sold products, indicating infrequent
testing of raw materials or production batches.
● Lab reports confirming purity and identity but not product concentration.
● Reliance on in-house testing, which can present conflicts of interest.

These red flags suggest a vendor may not adhere to rigorous testing and quality
assurance standards, making it crucial to choose vendors who demonstrate
transparency and thoroughness in their product validation processes.

Money Back Guarantee

To check the availability of a specific product, use the search feature on our website. We offer a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee for all products. If you are unsatisfied within 30 days of delivery, we will issue a refund or provide a remedy.

Handling Products Exposed to Extreme Temperatures

Products exposed to extreme temperatures may undergo changes. For instance, solutions that freeze can be thawed and re-suspended. However, prolonged exposure to temperatures outside the recommended range can affect the product’s stability and potency.

Account Guide

Our products are strictly for laboratory research purposes. We are committed to ensuring they are used appropriately. If your account is on the no-sell list, it indicates our management believes there’s a risk of improper use of our products. Removal from this list is rare and requires thorough review by our team. This policy is a vital part of our commitment to comply with regulations.

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Reclaiming Funds

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